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Welcome to the DogMobile Company

At The DogMobile Company we manufacture a range of uniquely designed carts and harnesses for the disabled, infirm and or recovering dog. If dog mobility is a new problem that you are having to get used to or something that you have been living with for some time, hopefully we have a product tailored to your dogs mobility / paralysis needs.

About us

The DogMobile Company is a family run organisation. Bob and Angela Griffiths are responsible for the processing, manufacturing and dispatching of all orders, as well as providing and maintaining a personal one to one service with all their customers.

Before The DogMobile Company was formed Bob and Angela had a partnership in an engineering company for over 12 years. It was through a mutual business associate that Bob met Richard Hill a retired farmer and original designer of the DogMobile.

Richard originally came up with the design of the DogMobile when his beloved dog Nell was left paralyised after an accident. Richard decided to look for someone to take on the manufacturing of the DogMobile and this was when it first came to the attention of Bob.

Fascinated by the design of the DogMobile, Bob undertook the project as his hobby. Soon realising that there was a market for these carts, Bob took the step to launch The DogMobile Company.

Now having the time to devote all their attention to disabled dogs and their needs, they could design products to be sold alongside the DogMobile covering more problem areas of the disabled, infirm or recovering dog, while modifying and enhancing the already existing DogMobile.

Help is readily available before and after the purchase of a DogMobile product, as it is important to The DogMobile Company that you and your dog are happy at all times and that their products are successful for your dog.

We are proud to have provided a DogMobile for the Queen Mothers corgi Ranger in 1997.

Unique Laydown Design

The DogMobile is the only cart that allows a dog to lie down and recover to standing at their own will. Giving disabled dogs their freedom back.

Individually Hand-Made

Every cart is made specifically to a dogs personal measurements. All products are individually hand made to a high standard of workmanship.

High Quality Components

All materials used in the manufacturing of our products have been selected for their high quality, comfort and support.

Strong & Durable Design

All products are designed to ensure that they are strong and can withstand the dog's weight.

Specific Product Range

Products that offer dog's mobility and support at different times in their recovery or disability.

Personal Family Service

The company is family run. Providing customers with friendly, personal one to one service.

Long Term After Sales

The company are always there for customers before and after the purchase of any product to discuss any worries or problems you may have.