The Dog Mobile Company
Hi there!

We received the dog mobile this week and it is absolutely wonderful! It has given our boy Samson a new lease of life! He is loving it! We are so grateful for your incredible skills in making something that can relieve him and provide him with the support he really needs to have a greater quality of life again! Thank you so much! It has melted our hearts seeing that big smile and watching him adapt and move around so well with it! We’re amazed at the difference it has made to him. He is now able to maintain a straighter posture and hold his remaining hind leg at a much more comfortable position. It’s taken years off him. We truly appreciate all of the hard work you have put into making this so much!

Kind Regards,
I bought the Dog Walker from you a couple of months ago. Worth every penny. It's given my 14 year old Springer Spaniel a new lease on Life. She would fall over all the time and couldn't turn without her back legs giving way. With her new wheels I'm confident about walking her again. It gives just the right support where and when she needs it. Several people have stopped me while out walking to ask me about it and I recommend your company every time. Thank you from myself and a very happy Purdy :)
Julian Saunders
Thank you so much for the amazingly quick delivery of the walker for my friends spaniel. She is already ok with it after only 1/2 day. My mate was nearly in tears at the positive way the little dog was walking again. Huge thank you and will always recommend you to any other dog guardians that may need help.
Gilian Forsyth
Hi Angela,
We both want to say a huge thank you from Toby, we took him out this morning for the very first time, we put him in expecting him to hate it but he was off & exploring, just need to adjust here & there which we were expecting to do before he had his first walk he didn't give us a chance.
He absolutely adores it.
Thank you once again
Kind regards
Sue & Rick

Sue & Rick

> Hello Angela
> I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Bob for making it
> possible for Iris to get about under her own steam again. Iris
> absolutely loves her DogWalker (as do I) and from the off she took to
> it like a duck to water - there's no stopping her now, she's like a
> pup again! Not bad for a Pug who is 13 next month!
> Thank you both once again
> With best regards
> Susan Bardwell x
Susan Bardwell
Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic difference the walker has made to Millie. She is very confident with it an can walk quite long distances going 'off road' in quite rough terrain. She loves going into the river with it. He general health and strength has improved greatly. She was dragging her rear end most of the time before but she is now walking unaided , if a bit wobbly. She is much happier and enjoying most of the things spaniels enjoy including family walks and bike rides. She can get up quite a speed especially when there is some tasty horse manure available. So many people have said they have had dogs put to sleep when in her condition but this has given her a new lease of life which hopefully she can enjoy for some time. Thank you
Hi bob,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your product I recently purchased from you.

Firstly I was very impressed with your personal touch in your invoice as you referred to my dog !! Good feel right from the start! !

It went from good to great, the quality of what I recieved was impressive to be honest. I didn't expect it to be so good. I have an 11 yr old dobermann who's very bad with advanced wobblers. I need a wheel chair to be honest but started with your helping hand. It's fabulous quality, I leave it under my lady sometimes as I'm 24 weeks pregnant and shouldn't be lifting 30 plus kilos!! And she often pees on it so I've washed it quite a lot and it washed great also.
I work in the animal industry and have done all my life so I've seen many a similar product.

So I just wanted to say , well done !! And thank you. Good luck in the future. Here's to one happy customer , hopefully there are many more that appreciate your products! !

Best regards

Geraldine Rooney
Geraldine Rooney
I would like to say a big thank you to Angela & Bob
From dog mobile for helping find the right product for my disabled dog
The quick lift is excellent for helping him in and out the garden and around the house it is off excellant quality i never thought anything like this would make a diffence to my dog the service from Angela & Bob is excellent nothing is to much trouble to them when helping you with your disabled dog I would definitely always recommend them to family and friends with a disabled dog keep up the good work you two are stars Julie & Bailey.
Our 12 year old 'Big Hairy' has spondylosis and arthritis in both hips, these conditions having become significantly worse recently. The result is serious mobility issues despite physio & hydrotherapy, and 3 different lots of pain relief medication. It has been painful to watch him struggling to walk, staggering about and falling over. Enter DogMobile and their rear harness. "Brilliant" is all we can say. Not only were we given excellent customer service, but this 'bum sling' has effected a remarkable transformation in Ralph the Border Collie's mobility; within minutes, because he has the support where he needs it, he is now dragging us around at top speed as though he were a young dog with not a care in the world. He is a much happier dog and is already moving about with much greater ease without help in the house. "The positive difference this has made in just 2 days is remarkable, and the physiotherapist is just as impressed as we are."
We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful item.

Carol Burke
My dog Henry was diagnosed with spondylosis over a year ago. He has been getting physio, which helped. However he was no longer able to go for walks and I felt he was getting depressed.

I eventually realised that I needed to get him some wheels. I researched it quite extensively and decided on The Dog Mobile Company.

The wheels arrived a couple of weeks ago and what an amazing difference, I have my happy dog back again. He loves going out with his wheels and can once again run after his ball, nothing stops him.

I took him to a Dog Trust fun day on Sunday and he was the centre of attention and even won 4th place in the senior dog competition.

I can't thank Angela and Bob enough for your help and working with me to get the correct sizes.
Ann Marie Quail
My dog Gracie has a very weak left back leg and it got to the point where she could no longer walk more than a few paces without falling over. I searched on the web and found the Dogmobile Company. After speaking to Angela I went ahead and ordered a dog walker for Gracie. Best thing I've done for her, she can now walk around the Common and seems very happy. To begin with she would struggle when I harnessed her up, but now she waits patiently for me to put her cart on, which must mean that she is more comfortable with it than without. The dog walker arrived very quickly and was easy to adjust and the customer service was brilliant. Can't recommend this company enough!
Bob and Angela thank you so much for the CUSTOM made wheelchair you so kindly made for our little daschund BELLE a gold one for Christmas you're support and care has been amazing we know you are always there for advice and help when we need it we can't thank you both enough for the excellent quality of life you have given our precious little dog highly recommended
Gillian and Bruce xx
Brilliant service by bob, Nashes walker was done in less than a week,and has made a massive difference to Nashes quality of life enjoying longer walks now and feeling confident myself that he wont fall as the walker supports him well, have had lots of interest and positive comments whilst out with the wheels, Thanks again bob :)
J broadley
Bob was amazing friendly and warm.
Doobies walker was done in 7 days it was perfect for his needs and he took to it within minutes.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, we got great quality service and value for money. Thank you Bob x
Leigh and Noel with Doobie
Our German Shepherd (Lucy) had her new wheels in October 2015 and took to them like a duck to water. She has progressive myelopathy and struggles to walk undaided. They have made an amazing difference to her quality of life and is like a new dog when she is out walking now. Everyone asks about the wheels and I tell anyone who will listen how brilliant they are ... you come very highly recommended by us ... fantastic piece of equipment .. has added years to her life. Thank you.
Vanessa Smith
I purchased a quick lift for my 15 year old fox terrier that has lost mobility in her back legs.With this aid she is able to walk down the road and also go to the toilet without any problems. The aid is very well made, easy to use and excellent value for money.
I recently purchased a rear harness for our 11 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Basil. He has been slowly losing the strength in his bag legs. With the harness on I can hardly keep up with him. The first time I put it on him, he didn't want to move so I took him somewhere he really loves to walk and he didn't even notice he had it on. Thank you - without the harness I think we would have been looking at a far more bleak future much sooner.
A special thanks to Bob
The rear harness was perfect for my 15 year old dog, I was so stressed out after his legs collapsed on him.
I did not fit the harness on my dog properly and gave Bob a hard time on the phone saying it was to small but realising my mistake, I called him and he was a perfect gent about the situation, I cannot recommend this company highly enough for the product and the customer service, many thanks.
A Butler
Dear Angela & Bob, thank you SO MUCH for the wheelchair that we purchased for our pug Topsy who cannot support or use her hind legs due to a severe spinal problem. We are so happy as it has enabled her to run and play again, it has given her a new lease of life and she absolutely loves it. We would not hesitate to recommend your product to others. Thank you so much again from Topsy and us,
Edwina & John
Hi Angela, just to let you know that the harness was received today and cola has just bounced around her first proper walk in weeks! THANK YOU SO MUCH - I'm grinning from ear to ear (and cola's having a snooze!??) Brilliant product, brilliant service, you guys are amazing and cola and I are truly grateful x

Hi Angela
Received the dog sling and must say this has made such a difference to my dog Ruben. He can now go upstairs with the sling supporting his back legs. I also took it on a walk with him......gets him across the road safely (without him sitting down in the middle of the road !). Once we get to the walking area I remove the sling and he walks off safely. It is a great product and helps an old dog remain a bit more mobile. Can't praise it enough.

Many thanks

Order a small rear harness for my tibetan spaniel Dargo who is recovering from an emergency spine operation - the harness has been excellent - it fits really well and has enabled me to get him out and walking far quicker that if I had used the rope lead that was suggested - thank you for such an excellent service and I am going to order another one now for my older dog.
Ann DeRizzio
We ordered a wheelchair for our adored, elderly Jack Russell terrier Meggy. We have been So Pleased with your service - efficient, friendly and just as promised, and with the wheelchair itself which is perfect, absolutely perfect. Thank you so very much for helping Meggy, who was so depressed she wanted to give up on life, to regain her dignity, her happiness, and her will to live.
Alice Blue the Fancy Dress Lady
Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at DogMobile for all the help and support you provided for our wee dachshund Stella. She was paralysed from mid spine down following a mishap at kennels. We did everything to try to get her to walk - a really soul destroying process, but it has paid off because she can now potter about slowly. However, Stella's quality of life is really improved with her DogMobile wheels. She is not distressed in any way when we put her into them. She runs so fast when she's on them that she's a joy to watch!!! Bob was so kind to troubleshoot for us at the start when we couldn't get Stella to 'sit' correctly in them - so patient and clearly genuinely interested in Stella's welfare and quality of life. Thanks, Jo and all the fur brigade in Co Antrim!!
Jo Andrews
Humphrey is a 13 year old Golden Retriever with Neuropathy and Arthritis which means his rear legs cannot support his weight when walking (he just sits down or falls over).
The Dogmobile we bought from you last May works wonderfully and he can walk for 20 to 30 minutes without any pain. He loves it, allows us to put it on him and then he's OFF just like when walking him when he was younger.
Just one request, can you put your name and web address on the metal supports, we are often asked 'where did you get that, I have / know of a dog who would want one'.
Many thanks
Peter J. Hewing
Photo attached
Peter J. Hewing
Hi Bob and Angela
I ordered a rear harness for my jrt which is paralysed in his back legs. I can not thank you enough for your great customer support, great pricing/shipping and quality of your product. Tigger is like a new dog since receiving his harness this morning and will be a great aid in his recovery. Thank you for providing this product.
Yours sincerely
Heather Keating
Heather Keating
Hi Bob,
the new harness has arrived and it works perfectly for my old girl - thank you so very much! Your customer service is absolutely fantastic, as are your products. Thank you again!
Best wishes
Katalin (Hungary)
You guys are amazing. Feel free to use my genuine gratitude on your website. As a testimonial
The adjustments you made for the cart made are perfect for coco.
It was the last chance salloon for coco it was this or to put her down. You do not know how much you have done for her and our family.
You guys are amazing.
You have been sensitive efficient and effective with communication great service and truly shown that you are a testiment to an ethical business.
I am genuinely forever grateful.
Keep up the amazing work.
I understand that you may think it is a very small thing that you have done.
But it means so so. Much thank you dog mobile company. Bob , angela, all the constructors and engineers. Thanks for being awesome.
You guys are the best!!!!
Kind regards

A very very satisfied and happy customer
If coco could speak she would say thank you too!!
Kevin kit

Kevin Kit
Good afternoon, I recently purchased a dog harness and just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you.

Floyd my German Shepherd was 15 in September and although has done incredibly well for a German Shepherd, he was beginning to struggle whilst out for our daily jaunt. However, with his new harness and a little re-training he is doing fine and looks forward to it being fitted.

We did have a little trouble to begin with, although this was not a fault of the product but simply a matter of some re-training. Floyd would normally walk to heel, however, once the harness was fitted, he was required to walk a little further ahead of me, so he kept on stopping, hahaha. However, he's now accustomed to his new walking position so is now doing great. So much so that he now thinks we can both run and chase the neighbourhood cats.
Anyway, once again I’d like to say a big thank you from us both.
John & Floyd.
John & Floyd.
Dear Angela & Bob,
Thought you would like to see just how much Seymour is enjoying his new found freedom!!
All teething troubles have now been sorted out, he loves his mobile sooo much he sits under it & barks until we put it on and take him for his walk.
It has given him a new lease of life. We have also had a lot of positive comments about where we purchased it from,so we've been singing your praises.
Once again a very very big thank you.
Jayne & Peter Smith. (Preston)
Jayne & Peter Smith.
i cant thank you both enough for the 1st class service you have given us our little daschund Belle has never properly been able to walk from us getting her as a puppy she is now 6yrs old and after 2 operations physiotherapy and hydropool sessions which were all unsuccesfull she has been given the greatest gift a set of wheels ,shesbeen to the beach ,the park through the fields ,she goes beserk when she sees them .So its an enormous thank you to you both x
gillian n bruce
We want to say what clever people you are in making the Dog Walker and Dog Mobile. We purchased The dog mobile last December. It gave our Beautiful gsd Beamish 6 months of happy near normal life. He had cdrm and had lost the use of one of his back legs. He had so much fun playing on the beach and being able to go for walks again. I cannot thank you enough. I wish more people knew about your very clever engineering ideas. Dogs do not have to be pts anymore. Once again a very big thank you from us x
Sue and John brown
We are thrilled with Krumel's wheelchair!
We met another little dog in a wheelchair (from another company) that did not look as comfortable or as well made and certainly doesn't have the feature to allow him to lie down - this one is definitely the Rolls Royce of doggy wheelchairs.
We followed the easy instructions and Krum's first time in his wheels he barely hesitated when he realised he could get moving again!
We were also very impressed with the speedy manufacturing and delivery.
Thank you, thank you!
We will definitely be recommending DogMOBILE.
If we are lucky enough for Krum to get some function back in his hind legs, then we would definitely go through DogMobile Company again to order the DogWalker as this looks like it would be perfect!
Thank you once again, you've helped bring life back to our little guy :)
Shaney Harcourt.

Shaney Harcourt. (Australia)
Hello and thank you so much for the quick lift. This has made Willow's confidence soar and she is in and out the car at the speed of light now. What a lovely, clever device.
Just thought I would let you know that my beautiful Tara passed away last week. Her legs finally seized up and she was in pain so I made the decision for her to go on a final journey to rainbow bridge (a poem that helps deal with pet loss). I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to dogmobile for giving my beautiful girl an extension on her life and many enjoyable walks without her wheels she wouldn't of had any of this. Thankyou once again xx
lisa (taras mum)
After purchasing a dog walker from dog mobile in November 2012 for my lovely dog Tara after she was diagnosed with CDRM the vet advised me to get some wheels but did not know where to get them - I could not recommend enough when I first got the wheels we had a few teething problems and when I emailed dogmobile they got back to me within the hour which helped me greatly. After our settling in period Tara is loving her wheels she has good days and bad with her legs in the house but guaranteed when she sees me getting her wheels out she is soon up and excited.If Tara did not have her wheels I probably would of have to consider the inevitable but thanks to dogmobile she has an extended life and most importantly a good quality of life.I took Tara in to the vets on her wheels to show how well she was doing and they were very impressed. Thankyou so much for your help and support
Lisa (Taras mum)
Thank you so very much Bob and Angela for our Sophie's wheels.
Her hind leg's had sadly became worse until one of them just wouldn't take her weight anymore.
We couldn't give up on her as she was still bright, alert, happy and eating well.
We looked on the Internet and found the "DogMobile" company, after a very helpful phone call we decided that the dog walker was the aid Sophie needed.
It arrived quickly but with snow on the ground we had to wait to try out our Sophie's wheels. Once the snow cleared and we did the adjustments on the walker, we put Sophie, into her walker and with just a little encouragement she was off.
It was sheer joy to see Sophie walking again and we can't thank you enough. Now every time we are about to go out Sophie gets excited as she wants to go out for her walk.
Anyone who has a pet with walking difficulties we can highly recommend, " Dogmobile " Because a pet has walking problems there is no need to give up on them, thank you again so very much.
Will be putting a DVD in the post of Sophie walking on Hackey Marshes in London as it's too big to Email
Sue & Steve Fayers
Dear Bob

Just writing to say a huge thank you!
The dog walker arrived yesterday and works a treat.
Mindy has already started to get used to it and went round the garden today and it was so great to see her regain her confidence again.
She is even walking on the kitchen tiles which she used to fear because of slipping since her back legs started to go.
I read all your testimonials on the web and would be happy for you to add mine as I would recommend your product to anyone who loves their pet and wants to give them more quality of life for whatever time they have left. Fantastic invention...thank you!
Hi Bob and Angela. We were going to send you a picture of Beamish on his wheels in the snow, but we forgot the camera. I have to say nothing has stopped us and he is loving every minute of being in them. I have attached a recent photo taken yesterday and as you can see he is getting faster everyday. Its as much as we can do to keep up with him. Once again thank you, Beamish has his life back and we are all so much happier. Your wheels are very ingenious. The best Christmas present ever. Once again a Big Thank You from all of us. Please feel free to cut and paste this on to your web page for a testimonial if you would like to. I am not very computer literate I am afraid. Sue, John and Beamish
Sue, John and Beamish
Thank u so much. bought a full body harness for my 12yr old bulldog/staff. he needs help with the stairs. thank you for your help and support with measurement's as he his is not standard shape. I needed to return first harness as my measurements were a little off. bob sent out new harness and it fits perfect.thanks you all so much. Monty x
angela locke
I would like to say thank you we received Molly's my 16 year old border collies harness this afternoon and she wore it first time tonight , took to it brilliantly she gained confidence on her walk and she could sniff again without falling over , we were all delighted thank you so much for prompt service and this amazing product .carole fox and Molly x
Mrs carole fox
The dogmobile as given our 12yearold three legged labrador sam a new lease of life its brilliant thank you.
Barbara +Robert
Having acquired a second hand dog walker we were struggling to get the best results. Many thanks, Bob, for taking the time to customise it to our needs. It is testimony to the build quality that, even after ten years use, the walker was still perfectly serviceable. In anticipation of its continued use, you were kind enough to renew, at zero cost, several components showing early signs of wear.
Many thanks.
Alan and Jean
We bought a full body harness for our dalmatian just to help him down the stairs of our flat. It has made him so happy, when we carry him he waggs his tail all the way. It has given him a new lease of live. Well worth the money and thank you so very much. God bless you all. :-)
ann morgan, luton
Thankyou Bob so much for a wonderful invention. Sadly Poppy has now been put to rest but she has enjoyed nearly 2 years of independence when out and about. With bilateral displasic hips, spinal problems and arthritis she would have put put down years ago but her spaniel bounce would not give in. We can thoroughly reccommend, and do so at every opportunity, your wonderful service to animals. Harby, Notts
Carol Dallamore
I purchased a dog mobile for my dog last year and it has changed her way of life so much. She was unable to get about and was very unhappy she now has a new lease of life and charges around indoors and outside. I am so grateful to Bob and Angela for being so kind and helping us. The aftercare service has been fantastic. I strongly recommend anyone considering getting one to definitely go for it. Thank you Bob and Angela you are doing a wonderful job and helping so many dogs lead fulfilling lives.
Barb and Ginger
We've had a very emotional past few weeks as Hektor (our 20 month old Akita) needing surgery for luxating patella. Unfortunately it will be both knees to be operated on eventually but at present the 'worst' has been done with unsuccessful results, meaning more ops to come. I was looking around for something that could assist him in an emergency and found this site. After looking through, I felt encouraged that this company exists with many happy customers already so ordered the 2in1 lead for emergencies. When Angela contacted me to say this wasn't available I was offered an alternative of my choice. The product was then made up (as Hektor is a large boy) and sent out straight away. It is great quality and really does a great job. The customer service I've experienced has been the best I've ever had and will be forever grateful for you going the extra mile for us. Thanks again.
Jo and Hektor
I bought a dog harness some months ago for my elderly retriever bitch. It has made life so much easier and my vet is now recommending it to her clients!
Dear Bob, Thank you for my wonderful wheels!!I can now go off on my own and refuse to come back...Unless of course, there is something in it for me!! Being able to follow my nose again has given me a new lease of life.Aroooo!
Henry the Beagle
we ordered the dog walker a few weeks ago and Sid has taken a new lease of life since we put him in it he whizzes around the park with our other dog Fred instead of having to be picked up after afew minutes - you would believe the difference this has made to him
Marina & Bob
Dear Bob, just thought you may like to know how we're getting on. Monty has taken to his new wheels like a duck to water and has been able to enjoy some good walks with me and the kids (we're building up slowly). It's great to see him regain some of his independence and to watch him checking out new smells! Just wanted you and your team to know, we think the dogMobile is a great product! Thank you. Kind regards, Annemarie
Hello Bob, just to let you know that my GSD who had a spinal injury last June (2011)and has now lost all of her ability to load bare her back end due to degenerative disease is totally mobile due to the effectiveness of the cart. She looks very much like the GSD in image 1 of your web site. She has not been phased by it in any way. We are up to 4 wheelies(squirrels) and about 3 roll overs(cats and other unknown dogs) to date, none of which has bothered her. She has now got some form of life back, and is coming to terms with her condition and enjoying her time outside with the trolley. I have had many comments about her when we have been out. She is a bit of a celleb when we are out. Many thanks for your commitment to your trade, as it took away very upsetting decision for me, which would have been very premature without the cart.
Martin Green
Hi Bob, > > I would like to thank you very much for making the dog mobile for > Murdo. It fits him perfectly and he is like a new dog again. He can > play with my older dog for the first time in a couple of years. > > Once again thank you, > From Linda Hunter. >
Linda Hunter
Ordered The dog walker a few weeks ago and cant believe the difference in Sol's life, she was previously swaying, tottering and staggering all over, but at least now she can enjoy a good walk again, it keeps her back end straight as she walks, meaning she can enjoy her walks without dragging her back end along. Whilst we know that her condition is never going to get better at least the Dog Walker has helped to make this time much more comfortable for her. She's like a pup again. We are all very happy to recommend this product.
Liam, Hazel and Solly Dog
Hi, I ordered a full dog harness from you in November 2011 and just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. Not only is it beautifully made, but it also works well, giving my dog so much confidence that the first time I used it, I struggled to keep up with him! Prior to this he was very unsteady and wobbly when moving but when wearing the full body harness, he moved as if there was nothing wrong with him. Thank you so much for creating this item and for the excellent service that you provide. Best wishes, Michelle Webster & Geordie the Irish Setter.
A massive Thank You from Mitch the Dalmation - I ordered her Dog Walker a week before Christmas and it turned up Christmas Eve as promised. Mitch took to it like a duck to water, she seems so relieved to be able to wander about without falling over - and the harness is amazing don't know how we coped without it. If anyones in two minds about ordering one - just go ahead its the best product that really works and the service is great too.
Alainne Brown
Thank you Bob for your help with my recent rear harness purchase. My dear border collie is nearly 16 and hasn't been able to walk with confidence for a little while now. I put the harness on today, and because the product is just right for her she walked around the garden with me confidently. This walk is so important for her because she still has a very active brain but pining for her sister who left us two weeks ago today. She needs something to look forward to and this harness goes a long way to helping with that need.
Val Clark
Many thanks for an efficient and pleasant transaction. Buffy has taken to her walker like you would not believe. She has been given a new lease of life and i cannot thank you enough for that, a brilliant solution that enables an improved quality of life. Once again thank you.
Linda Smith
dear bob and angela you have the best customer service ever! the neoprene harness is excellent and many,many thanks for the fast delivery so my elderly dane was able to resume his walks, he may be 11 but he thinks hes a pup
gaynor and barney
Just a note to say thank you so much for the DogMobile which you made for Joseph. It has meant that a difficult decision now doesn't have to be made and he can continue to enjoy his life. He can't wait until his wheels go on in the morning and whizzes up and down the garden at great speed! For his elderly owner it means her best friend is back - for anyone contemplating buying one, I would say don't hesitate - it will be the best money you have ever spent and worth every penny. Thank you again, Joseph's family.
K Mills
In 2009 I purchased a dog walker for my dog, Walter. He had double hip dysplasia and was having trouble supporting his own weight , walking and running after his ball, which he always loved to do. (In fact his life revolved around his ball!) Unfortunately he finally lost his battle two weeks ago and beloved Walter is now at peace. I wanted you to know that without your marvellous dog walker, Walter’s life would not have been the same and he would not have lived as long as he did. You allowed him to remain mobile and most importantly to keep running after his favourite ball, which he even did on his very last day of life (which is a wonderful memory for me). I would like to take this chance to THANK YOU for the extra time you gave me with my beloved Walter and to say that the product and your after sales service were always exemplary, (I had cause to contact you on a number of occasions for replacement parts). I have now donated Walter’s wheels to my veterinary surgery to be used to show others what a fabulous product you can provide them with. Thank you again. Melanie Lamprey.
Melanie Lamprey.
Thank you so much for the dog walker for cheupe.We are still waiting to actually use it though as cheupies legs are much improved at the moment and doesent really need it yet.He has tried it out and does seam to get on with it.Personally i think he decided that it would ruin his street cred if he where to be seen in it by his mates!So he has decided to make more of an effort walking on his own.Anyway its nice to know its there for when he needs it.Thank you
Helen Kimui
In 2009 I purchased a dog walker for my dog, Walter. He had double hip dysplasia and was having trouble supporting his own weight , walking and running after his ball, which he always loved to do. (In fact his life revolved around his ball!) Unfortunately he finally lost his battle two weeks ago and beloved Walter is now at peace. I wanted you to know that without your marvellous dog walker, Walter’s life would not have been the same and he would not have lived as long as he did. You allowed him to remain mobile and most importantly to keep running after his favourite ball, which he even did on his very last day of life (which is a wonderful memory for me). I would like to take this chance to THANK YOU for the extra time you gave me with my beloved Walter and to say that the product and your after sales service were always exemplary, (I had cause to contact you on a number of occasions for replacement parts). I have now donated Walter’s wheels to my veterinary surgery to be used to show others what a fabulous product you can provide them with. Thank you again. Melanie Lamprey.
Melanie Lamprey.
Hi, I took Max out a short walk early yesterday (his first walk outside) and a longer walk after tea and he was hard to keep up was out of puff. It has cheered him up no end. Thanks for a great product, Frank Wood.
Frank Wood.
In January our gorgeous GSD, Yllas, who already had arthritis in the hip was dignosed with CDRM. Our vet told us what to expect and sympathised with us as he told us that it was so sad as she was so healthy every where else except her hips and back legs. I asked if a 'wheelchair' was an option, he said it was but he didn't know of anything. A quick search on the internet and I found the dog walker. A week or so later and my usually 'hyper' GSD stood quietly whilst I put her in it and we were off round all our usual haunts. At first I would walk her seperately to my other GSD, Akas, but now walk them together again. They are both chasing balls and playing with each other again, just like before the arthritis let alone the CDRM. Akas didn't even appear to notice the wheels and even if he gets run over when Yllas scrabbles to get to the ball first, makes no fuss. What an amazing invention. Thank you for your invention and empathy when I called to dicuss the walker in the first place.
Tracy & Steve
Long overdue "Thank You" to you all. The dog mobile arrived quickly and Dumbo took to it staight away. As I said when the order was made, we live on the beach and the extra big wheels were intended for the sand. Have not managed to get him in deep sand yet, but he has been enjoying trips up and down the promenard, saying hello to all his fans. There are not many bassets here and he is a firm favourite. Do not know how long the front legs will hold out, but the dog mobile is certainly keeping my hound a happy one if only for a few more months. Thanks again to all involved and please excuse my not getting back to you straight away. Best regards Christine Sabio
Christine Sabio
Hi there! Just wanted to thank you so much for your help today with regards to exchanging the Dogmobile for a DogWalker for Florrie. Having read many testimonials about wonderfully helpful you are, I just wanted to say how glad I am that I can now add my own testimonial to your wonderful service. I feel that above all else, your main priority is making sure that the product you provide is the the right one for your customers and their pets. For me, this is a most upsetting and sad time as I feel that Florrie is now literally 'on her last legs'. With quality time with Florrie ticking away, I felt so guilty that I ordered the wrong product for her, which is why I really appreciated the way you handled my call this morning. You lessened my burdon of guilt and made me feel better by not making a fuss and by letting me know that you would take care of everything for me. You do not know the relief I felt after I hung up the phone - I just wanted to cry as you seemed so kind. I promise to return the DogMobile as soon as possible and look forward to getting Florrie up and running with the DogWalker when it arrives - I'm sure she will love it! Thank you once againg for your kindness and sensitivity Kind regards Karen Dungate.
Karen Dungate.
What a brilliant invention the Dogwalker is! This is how life should be for dogs with mobility problems! Thank you so much!

Our old Collie Sam aged about 16-17 years has had gradually weakening back legs. This winter it got to the stage where he could no longer go for his walk – only managing a few yards, legs buckling every few steps and falling over. He was so frustrated because as we say in our family ‘His mind is willing but his body isn’t’.

I am happy to report that he can now go right up to ‘The Common’ and follow the dog scents and sniff around all the trees – and on days where our relations bring their dogs and he is full of excitement – he can be walking around amongst them safely in the garden without being knocked or falling over – and then even more exciting go for a walk with our two other dogs and the relatives’ dogs up the lane to his favourite ‘Common’.
Glenys Y
my 10 1/2 year old great dane lost the use of his back legs hes now weightbearing and keen to go so i ordered a rear harness what a fantastic device the only problem is keeping up with him! took him to the beach today first time since his problem began thoroughly recommend this and brilliant service many thanks
gaynor evans and barney
Fee is only five and has displacia of the hips and elbows on both back legs one of his back paws also is partially paralised - he could only struggle round the house and had not been out for months - we purchased a dog walker and after a few adjustments he was off - he is a speed demon once again - got stuck in a few bushes but other than that wonderful - and even when he runs over peoples toes its light enough not to hurt - people have asked us where we have got it from and we have told them about your company and I am sure you will have quite a few more orders now - once again we and fee cannot thank you enough for this wonderful contraption without which we wouldnt have our fee.
Our gorgeous GS dog Jade 9 was starting to have some trouble with the use of her back legs, which worsened within 6 months so after much discussion we thought we would give her a shot with some wheels. It seemed wrong to have her put to sleep which we had almost settled on when it was only her legs letting her down, she was so alert and happy other than that. She really didnt appear to be in particular pain and had no other health problems so we thought we would give it a try. Anyone who loves their dog will understand you would do anything for them! So we got in touch with Bob and he advised the dog walker as she could still walk at this point and it would give her the exercise she needed. It turned up really quickly and Mike put it together and that afternoon we tried her in it, well after the initial confusion and some minor adjustments she followed us up the road and proceeded to go on a walk through the field and even picked up a stick, something she hadnt done in a few months. She took to it so quickly. It was wonderful to see her walking and not wobbling and falling over. She wasnt sure quite what to do regarding going to the toilet so it was quite funny when she lifted both legs in the air and hovered! She did get stuck in the bushes a couple of times and on fences and things so you do have to watch them! Jade had a good 8 months of going on long walks to the beach before she deteriorated and it was wonderful to spend the extra time with her. She became very well known in the area and the majority of people thought it was a great contraption. One thing I will say is that you need to watch them as she did topple over a couple of times when she tried going 'off roading' and its hard to get them back up when they are tangled up. Also for us personally it did make it harder to say goodbye when the time finally came on NYE. She could only walk with the aid of the walker and had started to drag her legs in it and seemed to be in pain so we made the decision to let her go. But I am so pleased we gave her the chance and I would recommend it to anyone. If you can, get your dog some little booties as the tops of their feet do get sore if they drag a bit like our dogs did. Anyway I just want to say thanks to Bob and Angela for providing us with something that gave us some extra time with our beautiful Jade. You are wonderful people and we are forever grateful. Mandie and Mike xx
Mandie and Mike
I would just like to say what a throughly kind and honest company this is.Our Maydog, 13yr old Boarder Collie suffered a Fibro cartaliage embolism(stroke in spine)3 years ago. Her "skate board" wheels are a God send. She is out in the park everyday and loves the beach.Due to heavy wear we had a worn out part, this fantastic company replaced it within the week, with no cost. Thank you, you are kind people with a brilliant product.
Claire Brisco
Dear Bob A note to let you know how Millie is getting on with her "Buggie". It is proving to be very successful indeed, it arrived just one week to the day after I placed the order which is wonderful service. I took my time putting Millie into the Buggie and did it quietly on my own in the garage. I would have preferred to be outside to have as much room as possible but it was pouring with rain !!! I made a pleasurable experience of it for her by having a supply of chicken pieces to hand and every few minutes, when I was putting on the harness, before fixing it to the buggie, she was getting little pieces of chicken. I wanted her to associate everything to do with the buggie to be a good experience for her. Millie is a very relaxed dog anyway so the whole thing was very easy. As soon as the rain went off we went outside and she was off round the garden with no problems at all. She even came down quite a big step from the lawn to the patio and then went to the back door and straight up inside that buggie and all. This was all within twenty minutes of me putting her into the buggie. I thought I had it adjusted correctly but, just to be sure, I asked as friend to call round and give it all the once over for me. He is a retired engineer and made several changes to my fitting, altering the height of the wheels and tightening up the breast plate etc. After he had done that Millie had more chicken she was back outside and away again. The next day, before taking her for her walk in the buggie I just took her for the walk wearing the harness. I wanted to be sure she would pee and poo wearing the harness as I thought that could be very uncomfortable for her if she did not think she could do anything while attached to the buggie for the whole walk. There was no problem at all and she did everything wearing the harness. I am delighted with the buggie as it has proved to be very successful already. This will make life much easier for Millie and she will now enjoy her walk with the two other dogs and will not keep falling over every few yards. Thank You again for your great service. Maureen
Hi A big Thank You for Sallys wheels, she walks/runs like she hasn't got a harness on-I need to get my trianers on. Once she gets her 'cornering'sorted she'll be fine! I would definatley recommend the harness to anyone who has a pet with walking difficulties. Kind Regards Graham & Sally
Graham Broadbent
Thank you for your prompt and efficient making and delivery of our dog walker. It is fantastic, it really has made such a huge difference to our dogs life, from barely leaving the house before, to now being able to take her on short walks. We are building up Maya`s strength gradually but she seems so happy and playful again, it is such a joy to see, she is a different dog and genuinely seems to love the dog walker. I was not aware from your website that the dog walker was multi-adjustable - this put us off originally from ordering but it is was so easy to make it fit perfectly. The harness is also brilliant and helps Maya keep her balance around the house and is also very soft and well made. Everything is so easy to use.
Thank you very much for making Maya happy again and giving us our dog back

T Curtis
dear bob and angela
thanks for the speedy delivery of the dog walker for travis he used for the first time last saturday and absolutely loved it he didnt even fall over when i looked at his face he had a nice little smile and there was no stopping him once it was on him . you have really improved his life.
all the best to you both regards alan higgins and travis
alan higgins
Today, my beautiful German Shepherd may have had to be put to sleep, as she could not walk at all on her back legs. It was pitiful to watch, and I couldn't bear it.
Her dog walker arrived this afternoon.I placed her in it, and off she went straight away, she walked a good mile without a hitch. She looked really happy, and I am absolutely made up. Thankyou so much I can reccomend the walker to anyone, it's fantastic.
Jan Campbell
Thank you for the fantastic wheels. Walks, sniffs and toilet stuff are once again the daily routine - brill. Very happy customers x
Brusto's Family
The walking frame ordered for Max arrived two weeks ago now and it has made a vast improvement for him, thanks for the prompt order, shame the recent weather held up delivery. Max is now able to return to walks on three legs (one is non supportive) due to spondilosuss and DCM but he enjouys the walker and cannot wait to get in it, he even tries chasing rabbits and coped well with teh snow and ice. Again thanks its improve his way of life and helped my my wife and myself to enf=joy walking him again, hope it lasts for a long time as he is only a sprightly 11 years young.
Bob Lench
Dear Bob & Angela, Thank you for a speedy delivery of the rear dog harness. This has given my 13 yr old border collie,who has arthritis of the hips, a new lease of life! He seemed instantly more confident with the harness and could even walk in the deep snow that we have at the moment. This has been an absolute godsend and we can hardly believe that something so reasonably priced & easy to fit can be so effective. Many, many thanks!
Judith Norman
Dear Bob, I got the harness for my little Pug today, Thank you so much for posting it to me so quickly. I was able to take her out with it on, she didnt mind it on her, and was able to walk about without falling over. you have given her a 2nd chance, as there isnt much that can be done for her condition. you are such a kind caring person, and I am so glad there are people like you who care as much as I do about our little furry friends. I would definately reccomend this product to every-one. regards, Irene Maxwell.
Irene Maxwell.
Hello Angela & Bob,

I am very satisfied about dogwalker I bought weeks ago.
Zeus is 15 years old and has arthritis and hip dysplasia

and neurologic injury made he urinary incontinent.
Making use of your cart he is not incontinent!.
His bladder now works perfectly!.
Probabily walking decreased overpressure on some nervous

His life's quality (and mine!)has improved,we enjoy

ourselves with long promenade.
He seems not suffer about his rear legs injury,has same
vitality he was a puppy!.
Thanks for your cart.

Kind regards,


Antonio Monaco
Hello Angela, I would like to thank and congratulate the DogMobile company for producing such an ingenious product. Topsy is fourteen and a half years old and we are amazed that in just one week since her DogMobile arrived she has already regained her confidence and once again looks forward to her daily walks. As our neighbors have commented she really has been given a new lease of life. Thank you Malcolm & Christine Roberts. Cremona, ITALY.
Malcolm & Christine Roberts.
Dear Bob & Angela,Like many people on this testimonial page it is true is say you hve changed our life. Our dachshund Frieda slipped her disc in early June and since receiving her cart in July has not looked back. We have recently returned from holiday in Cornwall and Frieda really enjoyed her holiday. She was a little star and we were regularly stopped so that people could take her photo. These photos will be seen in Germany and as far away as New Zealand. Our vet is also very impressed with the cart and we have given him the information regarding your company to pass on to other owners who may need your help. Thank you once again for your help and we have emailed photos of Frieda for your gallery page.
Mick & Jan Sheppard
Hello Bob & Angela Below is a few short words for you testimonial page, as I said before the harness (and wheels) have changed our lives - thank you. 'We bought a harness and a set of wheels earlier this year both of which, especially the harness, we have found to be invaluable. The difference they have made to our lives is amazing, without the harness - we would not still have our Rufus who is now 12 1/2 and still able to get round due to the harness and wheels - he even has days when he is able to some walking on his own. Both the harness and wheels have improved his confidence no end and his muscles too. People have actually commented on the new lease of life he has thanks to the harness and wheels. Thank you so much from Tammy, Ste and of course Rufus' Thank you both, Tammy & Ste
Tammy & Ste
Good morning Bob It is now one month since we visited you and had Tinker fitted with her DogWalker. We both feel that this was a fantastic decision as we now have our old Tinker back. Within a day she was parading along Filey promenade and enjoying all the attention. Now we are back in Ireland she is really enjoying exploring her old haunts - something she had not been able to do for a few months. She can walk and run over all terrain, including the beach which is beside us, and she can also skilfully step up and down kerbs. There was a fun dog show near our home last week and Tinker even received a "Special" award. Many dog owners were intrigued by this wonderful walking aid. Many, many thanks for your help and allowing Tinker to regain her old sparkle. Our fifteen year old terrier now has a new lease of life. Thank you Brenda
Brenda Barry
Our puppy Doughnut unfortunately broke his spine at birth when his mother sat on him when he was being born. By the time we realised how serious his problems were he was already a part of the family and we decided that we would do all we could for him.

We came across the Dog Mobile Company by chance and whist Doughnut was growing we used the rear harnesses to make sure he had walks and as much time on his feet as possible, both items were ideal. Now that he is fully grown we have the Dog Walker which has given him the freedom he needs to be a puppy.

We hope along with hydrotherapy he'll be walking as best as possible soon but at least we know that he'll be able to run around happily ready for his first birthday.

Thank you to both Bob and Angela for such swift service and providing Doughnut with quality of life he would not have otherwise had. We would recommend Dog Mobile products to anyone.
Rachel Law
my dog "taz" slipped a disc totally out of the blue he is only 6 yrs old, it turned our lives upside down, i felt only one option that was to have him put to sleep, this for myslelf was not an option i was willing to take. We found dog mobile by chance, this has know given us our dog back, one day he cannot walk but with dog mobile "taz" is my big playful boy ... but with wheels, he has adapted to them so well, we only have to show him his harness that is also supplied by dog mobile ! once in his harness he knows ... its time to go into his wheels, so he can be himself .. go for a walk & sniff & play !! and most of all be himself, i would like to thank all the people at dog mobile a very big thankyou for giving me "taz" back and fingers crossed he will get better with many many many thanks
Kelly, dawn and most of all Taz xx
kelly storer
I ordered a dog walker for my three legged dog Cassie who had lost the strength in her back leg. When I first got it she hated it trembled and shook at the sight of it, she walked with her head down and looked really distressed. I put it to one side and carried on using a sling to take her on really short walks. I realised I was killing her by not exersising her properly, she is only about 9 ( she was a rescue so we're not sure of her exact age). I got the walker out again and forced her to use it, very short walks every day, after about 4 weeks I noticed that she stopped shivering! She now goes on longer walks all the time, tries to chase squirrels and plays with other dogs. She has a new lease of life thanks to your dog walker. Thank You
Eileen McCallion
Dear bob barleys walker arrived on friday as you promised. He has been for 2 ten minute walks on Friday and 2 twenty minute walks on Sat and Mon, and a 10 minute walk on Sun. He took to it like a duck to water, and has been to places he couldnt manage for 3 months or more. Previously he just walked up and down the driveway(50feet) and looked so miserable. Today he was walking faster than he has in months which would be good aerobic activity for his heart and lungs. He is a wee boy racer and his sister has to leap out of his way. He stands perfectly still to get it on so he must love it as hes very good at letting us know what he likes or doesnt. He is also sleeping better at night, he used to sleep 2 hours, now he sleeps for 4. The harness is fine, it doesnt need adjusting for his tumour. We are over the moon, its made such a difference, and is so well made. Everybody stops to ask about him and where he got it. we are sending a short video of him by separate e mail as its too large for me to send and will forward a better one later. Once again thank you so much for giving a 15 year old labrador a new lease of life. Lydia Greer
Lydia Greer
Dear Angela Just a note to let you know how Snoopy is managing with her walker. She chased a stick today, picking it up and retrieving it, as she used to. She looked really alert and happy, with her ears pricked. She even barked - the first time since she was ill. The walker has given her a new lease of life - you could say it has saved her life, as it wouldn't have been fair to leave her unable to get around, and go out for walks. Thank you Dogmobile company!!! Best regards Margaret Gove
Margaret Gove
Dear Bob & Angela Just wanted to thank you again for Idgy's wheels. It's the best money I have ever spent. She is quite a little celebrity in my local park now. Everyone wants to see the dog with the wheels. I have given my local vet two photos of her and she has put them up on her notice board where everyone can see. In fact she said someone was interested in where I got them from so we will have to see what happens. The weather here is beautiful now so we go out for a walk twice a day. She ran around chasing another 3 legged dog the other day, but this one had lost it's leg when it was about 5 months old so can run around quite happily without any aid. Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you again and say how happy you have made me. Kind regards Lavinia Foster
Lavinia Foster (Australia)
Hi Angela and Bob, I would like to thank you for helping Magic to start walking again! Magic is 17 years old, and his hind legs became very unstable and weak. There was a moment when Magic collapsed and lost control of his hind legs, and that made him and all of us who witnessed the episode very stressed. We went on Internet, and we found your Dogmobile Company. After reading many testimonials we ordered the mobile cart for Magic, and you were very quick and professional delivering it! First days, Magic was a little bit reluctant to use the cart – mainly because he is a very independent character who doesn’t like any additional harnesses being put on him. But later on, after trying his cart in action on Wimbledon Common, Magic liked the sensation of being back to his younger self, running along the fields and through the woods. Bearing in mind that Magic needs 4 walks a day – some of them short, some of them quite long – you can imagine what an amazing change that mobile cart produced! The day Magic was 17, we put the video of him walking with his cart on YouTube, and I also published the video on my Blog! Thank you once again, dear Angela and Bob; I am recommending your Company services to every dog owner who asks me about it. Best regards, Maria
I have today received my Dog Mobile Wheels, and I was absolutely delighted with them. they are made of top quality materials not cheap stuff and what was more than exhilerating was for the first time in a few months my small poodle Iddy Biddy was walking, she may of been trying to walk sideways but she was on her legs and walking, at first my husband and I thought the weight of the wheels might be too much for her to pull as she is around 5 lb but to our great surprise within a minute she was following me around as if she had nothing else she wanted to do and although her first walk pooped her out she walked and that was fantastic. I am now looking forward to her following me everywhere like she used to and I want to thank Bob and Angela for the dedication to helping people like me to get their dogs and other ppets walking again. I will be recommending this site to all the vets in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire as not only the best equipment and value for money but the care and after care this company provides. Thanks guys I am a happy chappy and I know my dog can only improve now.
Anna Brimfield
Dear Bob and Angela, We have had Charlie our JRT, Dog Walker for a few weeks but it’s only today with the weather turning decent that I’ve managed to get him in it and using it. Although apprehensive to begin with he was soon walking with a lead on him, it took me about 30 minutes to get to the top of the road, a distance of only 50yds, not because Charlie was adjusting to his new found freedom, but from the neighbours who know Charlie, coming out to see him once again walking near to normal as he can, they made such a fuss of him that once the fussing was over, he seemed to have a new found spring in his step, so much so that just around the corner I took the lead from him and he was on his own walking with no help from me. We may have a long way to go before Charlie will be chasing and playing with other dogs but with our and Charlie’s determination we will get there. We have had Charlie from 8 weeks old and this disability he has had since being 12 weeks old, he is now coming up to his3rd birthday in July. Normal to Charlie is wobbling and falling over but after seeing a program on television about the disability aids for animals we had no hesitation in ordering one for him to give him a better quality of live. Charlie is a much loved and well looked after beautiful Jack Russell Terrier of ours and is a normal part of our family life even more so now that we will be able to take him out for a longer walk. I would like to take this opportunity to say a very, very big thank you to you both for giving Charlie a new lease of life. Regards Bryan Pegg
Bryan Pegg
Dear Bob, I'm sorry this email is so long overdue. I would like to thank you again for your kind generosity in giving Brucie his wheels. He is a totally different dog these days, as you can see from the pictures. Initially, he was reluctant to take his first steps, but now we can't keep up with him! You're a very kind man. All the best to you, Lucy
Lucy (donated dogMOBILE for Brucie in Thailand)
Hi Bob, just to let you know that Lucy the dalmatian is walking > again. John and I believe it was as a result of the cart you made > for her. It allowed her spine to rest, but motivated her. Shortly > after we got the cart she started dreaming differently. I am sure > you have observed your dog dreaming about running and chasing, well > after she had been out in the cart she started dreaming about > running but moving her back legs for the first time in months. We > are absolutely delighted, the vet and pyshio think she is a star, > and have never witnessed a dog begin to walk so late after an > injury. I am absolutely sure the cart helped to mend some spinal > nerve connections. Thank you very much. Janet, John and Lucy Clegg
Janet, John and Lucy Clegg
Dear Bob and Angela, October 08 I thought my faithful friend Jake a Large Munsterlander would have to be put to sleep, as he had lost the use of his back legs, then I found your website. You were so kind and understanding in my urgent need for a speedy solution that within days, in fact the 6th Nov the walking frame and wheels arrived by Royal Mail. Jake took to the harness and support like a duck to water. In minutes of going through the gate it was as if the clock had been turned back and we were off again on the long walks we used to enjoy. We had a few tumbles as Jake went down kerbs before I did and tried to get into the car with wheels attached. If all the people who asked me for your contact detail did get in touch, there will be many happy dogs and owners out there. Jake became a page 3 dog in the local paper with his wheels and frequent trips to the hydrotherapy pool at Burton Kennels. He even had his own blog for a short while. The vet could not beleive the difference in Jakes spirit that a set of wheels could make and often called him the wonderdog. Sadly all things must come to an end and other problems developed, he had a tumour behind his left eye and on 10th Aug 09 Jake was put to sleep. I want to say a Big Big Thankyou to you both. The last 9 months of Jakes life were happy ones, he loved the attention and enjoyed his walks. Without his wheels!! Thank you
Jean McGoverne
This is not an order , but a huge thank you . We bought a harness for our severely dissabled Bassett hound who lost the use of his back legs about 18 months ago and am happy to report that he is now almost back to full fitness , which without your harness we feel he would not have done . A big thanks from 'Arnie ' and us
phil murfin
Bob & Angela - Many thanks for the dog mobile - Lucky thinks it's fantastic ! She can at last go for walks in most terrains now, and has only tipped upside down once when she was getting used to it at Flamborough Head on Saturday ! The problem now is she's always wanting to go out for a run literally. Once again many thanks Graham ( Lincoln )
Dear Bob and Angela, Rosie has now been using her wheels for 10 days and I just can't get over how fantastic they are! It is as though we have turned back the clock at least a year. Before having the wheels, Rosie was constantly falling down on her left side, due to her left back leg beginning to give out. We were having to support her with a soft scarf under her hips and a harness at the front end, making walking very tiring for us and very restrictive for her. On getting the dog walker, she immediately took to it, and obviously appreciated being able to walk unsupported. We were relieved to find that we could walk more normally again, instead of having to concentrate totally on keeping her on her feet. On day 6 however, something remarkable happened. She had been for a 30 minute walk in her walker, came in and had a good sleep. When she woke up, she got to her feet and began walking round the house without falling down at all. She was able to turn round in an anti-clockwise direction, which we had not seen for at least 6 months, and did not fall down while doing so. Her back, which had been a bit humped for some time, appeared much straighter and more aligned. These incredible improvements have remained with her. Sometimes she seems a bit stiff if she has been in the car for a while, but once she has had a walk in her walker she is back to her newfound level of fitness! Obviously, this has been an incredible boost both for her and us; friends are describing it as a bit of a miracle! we had not expected Rosie's actual performance to improve so dramatically, seeing the walker more as something to help her while it is in use, rather than all the time. Rosie is now having 2 long walks a day, of 45 mins, and enjoying every minute. She is happy to walk on the beach again, something she has shied away from for over 12 months. The wheels work very well on all terrains - wet or dry sand, moorland, grass and so on. I have attached some video clips that you might want to add to your website gallery. I will send a second clip in a second email to follow this one. We can't emphasise enough how thrilled we are with the Dog walker. It has totally transformed our lives! Many thanks, Kath Richardson and Rosie
Kath Richardson & Rosie
Many thanks for the harness.
Oscar looks forward to his walks again and it's saving my back!
It's great to see him more independent.
Once again ,many thanks
Hi Angela & Bob

Wish you a Happy New Year Angela & Bob. It has been app.3 months now since Ace has been using the Dog Walker & he has regained his freedom & will to join the rest of the dogs. Ace sends over a heartfull thank you.
Jenny from Malta
Dear Angela & Bob,
I'm pleased to say that Carrie has taken to the 'walker' like a duck to water.
We are able to go for longer walks along the beach at Santa Ponsa now.
Carrie has become quite a celebrity as well as she walks down the road.
Her vet is very interested in the 'zimmer frame' as I gave him a photograph of her with it attached to her. He has asked for information and I will give him your email and web addresses.
Maybe you will be able to start to get orders from Mallorca.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both.
Brian Cooke
hi bob & angela. it is with a very heavy heart that i inform you busby had too be put to sleep last tuesday,due to his paralysis the bladder and bowel stopped working and despite attempts by vets to remedy this the time had come to give him some reason for this e mail is to thank you both for the expertise and continued support for the cart and aftersales service we recieved during this time, due to the cart we had busby for 11 months longer than we would have had without it,his quality of life was enhansed beyond recognition ,he had a great time on his walks over cannock chase and local parks,where he became a bit of a celebrity. i have no hesitation recommending your company, and, if there is anything i can do for you please get in touch.once again my sincere thanks and gratitude to you both. regards ian
Ian Ridgway
Hi there, earlier in the year I bought a dog mobile from you for my GSD. This was as a result of him having CDRM and losing the use of his back legs. You probably won't remember me from Adam but we had a real long conversation on the phone which convinced me to try out a mobile. Well we did and with a couple of adjustments (added another strap across his shoulders due to his deep chest) 'Spirit' got use to it and there was no stopping him. After just over 6 weeks I was told by the vet that he had become completely reliant on me to help him and that it was time to let him go. This was almost a year after being diagnosed. The reason I write this is that quite literally, the mobile gave him back his legs. For 6 weeks I was able to give him his freedom back and for 6 weeks I was able to give him back his pride. Everytime I went to his mobile it was as good as going for his lead. I know you use photo's to advertise your products and wondered if you could make use of a couple that I have attached here (and/or this email). The photo's are dated within their title and the 210808 one was taken during his last walk, literally just before the vet came out to us. As you can see, he was perfectly alert, happy and content, something that only made my decision even harder. I have since given Spirit's mobile to a lady who works locally, specialising in GSD's with similar conditions. If they are not suitable for you to use then not to worry. Regards, Shaun Letts Aldershot
Shaun Letts
Hello Angela, The Dog walker arrived safely yesterday afternoon and Sasha has taken to it like a duck to water. She sems to know that it good for her. Thank you your speedy service. I will email a picture later and you are free to use as you wish. Regards, Max
Max Millard
Dear Bob & Angie
Thanks very much for giving me back the mobility which I love so much. I wasn't too sure at first, I think Peter & Lin were a bit nervous, but when I came back to see you and you showed Peter & Lin the easy way to help me get in to my cart it was plain sailing after that. The extra little stirrup you gave me for my right leg is great. If I am feeling a bit weak after swimming I just pop my foot into the strap and off I go. Who said CDRM stops a dogs mobility, it's just not true with great people like you around. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Beauty.
Beauty, (owner of Peter & Lin Craddy)
Dear Bob & Angela Many thanks for your hospitality last week, and for making us so welcome. We arrived home safely at about 10.15pm after some lovely fish'n'chips before setting back. I thought that I would let you know how Katy is doing with her wheels. We have been for short walks every evening, and on the next day she went to visit a relative who lives in the same road, something she has not done for almost 6 months now. She sets off like a steam train, but has to stop occassionally; I think when the cooler weather arrives she will be better, and, of course not being able to walk properly for some time, she needs to build herself up. I think the muscles have been 'sleeping' for quite some time, as she did start to refuse to leave the house. When she sees the wheels fetched in from the porch, her face lights up, and she gets very excited, and behaves herself when I put the lederhosen on, instead of trying to bite, which she does when I put the lead harness on. It seems that the mobile has given her the confidence to try walking alone too. Late evening last wee time in the garden, I do not put the mobile on. She is improving the distance she can walk without toppling over, and she is now managing to stand to eat and drink. Before the mobile, she would sit or lie to eat and drink. Mom said we have our Katy back, and she is now a different dog. She is interested in everything that goes on, and has started to bark at the slightest sound again. I have arranged some hydrotherapy sessions at a local dog pool, near to Hall Green Dog track in Birmingham, starting this weekend, so hopefully she will soon be fit again. Thank you for making the wheels; they have given Katy a new lease fo life, and hopefully she will continue to enjoy life. Kind Regards Sue Fullard
Sue Fullard
Hi Bob

Just to let you know my order was received OK on Thurday.......thank you.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Alex took to his new aid - no problem.

For a dog that does have a bit of a phobia of wheels (cyles, pushchairs etc), I was a bit anxious that he might not take to a dog walker.
I need not have been concerned.

Anyway - after a couple of trial fittings and adjustments at home - I must have got it right, because he is going about his walk as normal (without colapsing at his back end).

It's just me having the problem - having to untangle him from going under bushes (well some things you can't change after 13 years !)

Alex is probably on borrowed time now - and his back legs won't improve any, but at least now he will get those few additional walks that he might not have had.
He wants to go a walk at the moment - and that's all that matters.

Yes - I am pleased with what the Dog Walker has enabled him to do - however many walks he has left in him - this purchase has already been worth it.

Thank you.

Dear Bob & Angela,

Tess my GSD would like to say a big thank, she is now able to join in our walks once more!!
Jennifer & Russell
To the dogMobile Co,

Thank you for your prompt delivery, Poppets new dogWalker arrived just in time for her to take it on holiday.

Once again thank you for your excellent service.
V Salisbury, Lancs
Dear dogMobile,

Many thanks for your service best regards,
Mr & Mrs Dooley, Bury
Thanks for all you help ‘and don’t say it meant nothing’ because it meant everything to me, getting my dogMobile

George the poodle (and my bike as I like to call it)
Dear Angie & Bob,

What fantastic service Bramble is happily mobile again

A very big thank you,
Ann, Plymouth
Bob, Angie and all at the dogMobile Co,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, there are not enough words to say how much happiness, joy and fun Bella has been able to have in her dogMobile, (Bellas Buggy as we all call it!)

Philip and Family, The Wirral
We found your company and the dog walker is absolutely wonderful,
Sanyo has been given a new lease of life.
Mr & Mrs Wray
Dear Bob,

We received the harness for Molly, and it’s a good fit. I would to thank you for all your help and advice.

Yours sincerely
R Parish, West Yorkshire
Dear Mr Griffiths,

Its now being a year since we purchased Ben our Corgis wheels. He took to them straight away and now has a new lease of life. He’s out with our other corgi everyday, he even chases squirrels at full speed.
Mr & Mrs McCarthy, Middlesex

We just want to say a big thank you for putting the extra care and attention to making Scruffs wheels for him!!
Paul & Shirley